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BukoBomba's World of Creations

Diane Valencia (aka DiYan BukoBomba) is a d.i.y. multi-media artist, musician, community organizer, cultural worker & overall chronic-iLL creatrix. Peep into my world of creative works & community offerings. Get in touch for more info.

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I often experiment with solar pyrography~ a meditative process where I burn/engrave on mediums like wood by making fire through harnessing & focusing the natural sunlight from a crystal glass ball. The process is a collaboration with the cosmos, where I ask permission and guidance from the sun, skies, mother nature & environment to channel and transmit messages through art. As society has the dark capacity to destroy- I can transmute it with my light. My creations are an act of re-membering, resistance and reclamation- surfacing, putting together lost images, stories, ideas, forms, planting seeds of inspiration that can bloom & transform the spirit, consciousness & collective.

Where would I be, how would i grow or thrive without the support of Kapwa, community? We are reflections of one another. As ancestors and many folks before me have inspired my journey- I dedicate my art to paying it forward and building & activating community to uncover, explore, remember & take pride in ourselves and our sacred interconnection with one another and the world around us. Check out these various community projects that are near & dear to my heart.

immerse yourself in my ritwal sounds

if u dare to dabble..

put on your headphones or blast it out loud

go for a ride or ruminate in a cave inside

may my ritwal sounds

be a healing homage to the ancestors inside

to whomever it connects, resonates to

may it bless within you the power that resides

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The Artist's Way

“Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.” ~J.Cameron

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For inquiries, projects & consultations connect with me.

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